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The history of Kalimpong is very rich and diverse too. Until the 18th century AD, Kalimpong remained part of Sikkim and was later attacked and taken over by the Bhutanese. Finally the British took control and it lastly merged into the present state of West Bengal. The town is adjacent to the state of Sikkim with Teesta River dividing them. The altitude of the town is about 1250 m above sea level and has an alpine weather.

The quiet town has a great amount of colonial influence that is evident still today. There are many heritage church and school buildings that were built by the British but are still used until today. The town has a great scope for adventure activities and is beautifully decorated with wild yet beautiful orchids and some nurseries, which have the rarest of plants or flowers. The most important and colorful festival celebrated here is the Independence day celebration, which brings a festive weather all around which last for 3 days. It should be visited then for a great experience.

Best time to visit

The summer can be really pleasant here and it stays from March and ends around the month of May. The skies will be clear and it's a perfect season to visit Kalimpong. Though it doesn't snow here, the winters last from December to February and the special celebration of Christmas and New Year makes it a happening hotspot during the winter.


The nearest airport is the one at Bagdogra and the nearest railway station would be NJP station. The NJP is well connected with most of the major cities throughout India so, you can reach Siliguri without much hassle of changing multiple trains. The distance between Kalimpong and Siliguri would be around 67 km and will take around 2 and a half hours of road trip. There are also few state busses apart from private cabs that you can take to reach Kalimpong.


Pine View Nursery

It is one of the most visited locations inside the quaint town of Kalimpong. Make sure you make a visit to the nursery during the Kalimpong trip because it has many ways to amaze you with endless surprises. The Nursery is one of a kind and has unending varieties of cactus that are amazing and scarce. There are very few places where you would find all these varieties under one roof, so it's a place you shouldn't miss. The exotic flora and green cactus surroundings wait for you to explore and discover.

Neora Valley National Park

A Kalimpong visit is really incomplete without the visit to the Neora Valley National park that is one of the most diverse Biological zones in North East India. The valley boasts of scenic landscapes, lush greenery, endangered animal's species, rarest of birds that are scarcely seen elsewhere. Step in for a complete fun tour and if lucky you may also get to view the Red Panda and the Asiatic Bear here. You shall have to acquire a pass from the forest officials before you enter the valley. The park is closed during monsoon and so travel plans must be avoided during the monsoons.

Deolo Hill

It is one of the places that the people and tourist of Kalimpong do visit atleast once or more. The Deolo Hill is the highest point in town and has the famous Deolo Tourist Lodge within its premises. It has lush green grasses and few eateries that make it a nice place to just sit and pass your leisure time. The place is crowded with tourists who come here to get the best of views of the neighboring state, the Himalayas and the nearby Teesta Valley and the Relli.

Dr. Graham's Home

Founded in 1900 by Reverend Dr. John Anderson Graham, this beautiful school is a mini town in itself and amazingly beautiful. Spreading over an approximate area of 500 acres, Dr. Graham's Home is beautifully situated on the lower slopes of Deolo Hill. The school is quite old and has unending heritage and history surrounding it that can be explored by visiting the museum & the library, here. The church is pretty beautiful here and can be seen from almost every single place in the Kalimpong town. It sticks out from the trees and is one of the most popular backgrounds of Kalimpong.

Lepcha Museum

The Lepchas are considered to be the early settlers of the Kalimpong town and have been indigenous to this region. The Lepcha museum is a must visit and it has been created as an effort to illustrate and preserve the culture and tradition of the Lepchas. The famous museum displays various artifacts of worship, Lepcha musical instruments, art & handicraft items, and heritage manuscripts. It is the best cultural center to understand this old secret community of the Lepchas better. It is open from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM from MONDAY to FRIDAY and from 10 AM to 12:00 Noon on Friday and Saturday.

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