It is a beautiful town inside Sikkim that has been recognized for its beautiful surroundings and the presence of the vintage cultural monasteries like the Pemayangtse and the Sangachoeling. You may not find the best of nightlife or shopping spots here but it is the right place to find peace within yourself. The natural soothing ambiance and the peacefulness in the atmosphere here are what drive nature lovers here. Apart from all this, the sight of the Kanchenjunga is inevitably the best that you can see from anywhere else.

The place is among the popular places inside Sikkim and rightly so as it is impossible to believe how beautiful Pelling can really be. The natural trails here are really beautiful and best for mountain hiking, trekking and camping activities. There is something in store here for everyone is it couples, families or solo trip. The people here are very warm and friendly which makes the trip more wonderful.

Best time to visit

The small beautiful hamlet of Pelling is situated among the Himalayan range and is one of the gems of Sikkim and of North East. The place blooms to its full glory during the winters which are also considered to be one of the best times to visit Pelling. The town can be visited at all time but these average temperatures could help you decide better. The summer temperature ranges from 12°c - 28°c. The monsoon can range from 4°c - 15°c and the winter could range from -5°c - 14°c. It is important for you to see the weather that you might have to experience in Pelling to pack your bags accordingly.


The town of Pelling is about 152 km from NJP station which is well connected through rail with major cities of India. No matter where you coming from, you can book a train till NJP station in Siliguri and take a cab till Pelling. Siliguri must be reached to visit Pelling and if you wish to take the roads, drive carefully and avoid rainy days as landslides is common here. The roads till Pelling can be really steep so precautions must be taken.


Pelling is really a god's masterpiece creation that is abundantly blessed with rich nature and wonderful scenic and soothing surrounding that would keep you wishing, if you could live here forever. Let us look at few other places to see inside Pelling:

Pemayangtse Monastery

It is one of the historic monasteries that Pelling is famous for. It is a Buddhist shrine located in a peaceful environment of Pelling. You can find several Buddhist devotees coming here to worship and to attain the peace that this place is said to radiate. The monastery was built in the year 1705 and is managed by the Nyingma sect of Tibet Buddhism. The architecture and the statue of Padmasambhava and his two disciples here are an example of extraordinary Buddhist art.


It is another magnificent beautiful location in the vicinity of Pelling. The town is rich in monasteries and biodiversity wealth that nature has abundantly provided here. Besides religious visits, this place also provides adventure activities like rock climbing, hiking, rappelling and some other adventure opportunities that can be done here. The serene beauty here is enough to mesmerize you and provide a good leisure time with unfo0rgettable memories. Yuksom is also very popular for trekking activities and the most popular among them is the Yuksom-Dzongri trek along the Rathong Chu river.

Sangachoeling Monastery

It is one of the most crucial historic monasteries that is also very old and is also a heritage site, popular among Buddhist followers. The monastery is situated in the most peaceful and silence is the only noise that you will hear besides the magical chanting of prayers. It was constructed in the year 1697 by Gyalwa Lhatsum, a follower of the Nyingmapa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. The monastery also flaunts excellent paintings, statues, and sculptures that are extraordinarily soothing.

Rabdentse Ruins

It is a historical site whose secrets are still unclear. The Rabdentse was the second capital of Sikkim which carried on from the year 1670 to 1814 and also has a huge historical significance in the history of Sikkim. The capital was destroyed totally by the invading Gorkhas and all that remains here are the destroyed ruins of buildings and some Chorten that are still evident here. The ruins also provide some of the best sightseeing views that are clearly splendid and an add on while visiting the site. Twenty minutes from here is the popular Pemayangtse Monastery.


It is another gem of a monastery inside Pelling which also falls under the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism. The Buddhist pilgrimage is famous for the Bumchu festival which is very popular among tourists that plan their travel to see the rich cultural festival. The monastery sits peacefully between the Rangeet and the Rathong River along with a wonderful surrounding to support its beauty. You will find peace and solitude in every corner of the monastery and has several myths that can be explored only when you visit the place in person.

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