Excursion to Bishnupur

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  • Bishnupur – The Terracotta Paradise
  • Radhamadhab Temple
  • Kalachand Temple
  • Radhagovinda Temple
  • Nandalal Temple
  • Rash Mancha 
  • Jogesh Chandra Museum 
  • Jor Bangla Temple
  • Malla King's Fort

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Bishnupur – The Terracotta Paradise


Bishnupur was the capital of the Mallabhumi dynasty. They ruled over a small region until the 8th century. In the 16th century they expanded and became powerful during the reign of King Birhan Bir. His fort is almost gone, but he developed the city with many lakes and ponds in true Bengali style. Simultaneously during the Hindu revival, Chaitanya preached his faith and many temples were built as a result. There are 30 temples (17th-18th century) in Bishnupur that are a treasure-trove of terracotta sculptures. Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu and his love Radha, are deified in most of these temples.

Tour Program:   Pick up from hotel at 0730 hrs. and drive to Bishnupur.On arrival at Bishnupur visit Radhamadhab Temple, Kalachand Temple, Radhagovinda Temple and Nandalal Temple. These are all laterite temples.


Note: All visits at Bishnupur will be on local cycle rickshaws for group with Tempo Traveller to Large coach.



Radhamadhab Temple

This impressive laterite “eka-ratna” temple was built in the year 1737 A.D. by Shiramonidevi, one of the wives of the Malla king BirSingha. The square structure stands on a raised plinth and is about 11.1 mtr. On each side and 9.2 mtr. In height. The entrance to the temple has three arched gateways.



Kalachand Temple

Built in A.D. 1656 by the Malla king RaghunathSingha, Kalachand temple is the earliest of the “eka-ratna” temples found in Bishnupur. Made of laterite, the temple is about 11.1 m square on plan and 9.2 m. in height. The square cell structure has three arched openings on all four sides and has a curved roof.



Radhagovinda Temple

This large temple with a miniature EkaRatna shrine has no sculptures. Stone wheels have been attached to the low platform. Perhaps, this is meant to be the chariot in which Krishna took Arjuna to battle in the Mahabharata.


Nandalal Temple

Nandalal temple with ridged tower and almost no decoration on it. Just opposite to it are three temples in a separate complex. Built by Malla King Krishna Singh in 1726, the temples are collectively known as Jor Mandir. The temple on the south has several scenarios from Mahabharata and Krishna Lila on its walls.


After the visit a hot Bengali lunch will be served at Tourist Lodge (this is the best option at Bishnupur to stay & dine).


Post lunch visit Rash Mancha, Dalmadal Cannon, Jor Bangla Temple, Madan Mohan Temple, Malla King's Fort and Jogesh Chandra PuraKirti Bhawan Museum.



Rash Mancha (stage for dancing)

Built in 1600 by the Malla King Hambir, the Rash Mancha is the oldest standing structure of Bishnupur. It is architecturally unique and one of its kind in the whole of Bengal, probably in the whole of India. Sadly apart from a few floral lotus motifs the Rash Mancha does not contain any terracotta art work. It is not a temple and hence does not house any idol.



Jogesh Chandra Museum [Closed on Mondays]

In the year 1951 a group of young energetic persons established this museum. In 1954 the said museum was named after AcharyaJogesh Chandra Purakriti Bhawan after the name of Jogesh Chandra Roy Vidyanidhi, the famous scholar of this district as well as Bengal. It has 03 Galleries - archaeological gallery, music gallery and folk art gallery.



Jor Bangla Temple

Built by RaghunathSingha II in 1655 A.D., the temple is greatly influenced by classical Bengali architecture. The temple is also known as the Keshta Raya Temple and is famous for its construction and terracotta sculptures. The Temple resembles two hut-like structures with separate angled roofs held together by a chala (tower) at the crown.



Malla King's Fort

Very little remains of the fort built between 1657- 1677 A.D by the Malla ruler king Bir Singha. The gate of the old   fort is of laterite stone and is called”PatharDarwaza" the kings soldiers would hide inside the gate and there   were holes drilled in different directions for the ques. A stone chariot in laterite can be seen as cribbed to.

Later drive back to Kolkata.

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