10 Things All First Time Travelers Forget

10 Things All First Time Travelers Forget


Travelling comes with lots of expectations and excitement where people get engaged in so many things like preparing an itinerary, booking flight tickets, searching hotels, and planning for various activities. But many times, travelers forget to concentrate on packing the luggage systematically which is one of the most important tasks for any traveler. Forgetting things is very common because people overlook some of the points and get excited about travel plans. So, here we come out with the list of 10 things that all first-time travelers forget to carry while traveling to an unknown destination. Let's check out the list to stay aware of the mistakes.

Things All First Time Travellers Forget


Small things teach you big lessons and when it comes to packing up the chargers many people forget it as they get very good battery backup in their smartphones. Mobile charger, laptop charger, and music player charger are some of the important things you must carry while traveling to any place. Remember that important contacts are saved on your mobile phone and it might go off during emergencies. Always remember to carry the chargers will you because it helps you in any such adverse situations.


One of the most common items that people forget to carry during their traveling experience is a toothbrush. You might be thinking that there is no need of carrying because it is easily available anywhere but it not. Traveling to an unknown destination is always a first-time experience and you don't even know about the availability of things over there. Brushing your teeth is essential to feel refreshed and that makes it important to carry your toothbrush along with toothpaste while traveling.


Most of the time people concentrate on shoes and sandals by ignoring slippers but when you enter the hotel and try to enter the bathroom, you need slippers. Always carry slippers for such a situation instead of making the bathroom dirty by wearing shoes because you are staying there for a while. Traveling to hill stations during winter also need slippers even inside the hotel room.

Camera and accessories

Photographers will always keep this in mind here we like to mention that everyone needs to carry a camera and accessories while traveling to a destination, you are looking for a long time.  Carrying a camera helps you to capture those memorable moments which will never come back again. Documentation is necessary to make things favorable and quite impressive. You feel jealous when other people get busy in clicking photographs so picking up a camera is a vital need. Don't forget to bring the memory card and charger along with the camera. Accessories like trips and extra lenses will allow you to click some amazing shots during a traveling to a place.


Travelling is all about fun and excitement so you need to carry your headphones to play the music whenever feel bored during the journey. Carrying a headphone also helps you while talking with your loved one during the journey as you don't need your hands to get engaged while talking. Keep your headphones along with you for having fun all the time. Solo travelers must carry headphones to stay away from loneliness.

To Exchange Money

Money plays an essential role in executing your travel plans and when it comes to traveling abroad, you need to exchange the currency before entering to the country where they set the rule to exchange currency. Exchange the currency at the right time so that you can carry some cash with you to meet any emergency. Take advice from traveling applications so that you can explore confidently. 

Book or a diary

Always carry a book or a diary with you while traveling because there so many things to write down. You might depend on your mobile but still, you need to carry a book or diary and a pen to note down important addresses and contacts. Even while exploring any historical places or museums, you need to write down the information provided by the guide that helps you in the future to draft something or creating a travel blog.

Ear Plugs and Sleep Mask

Imagine that you are traveling by train and all the passengers are making disturbing sound by turning on the lights. You might feel tired and enough sleep to make the travel comfortable. Carrying earplug and sleep mask will help you in staying away from such a problem. Finding a way from trouble is the best way to move forward during traveling.

Dress according to the climate

Chennai is relatively hot and humid during winter but North India is too cold so you need to choose your dress according to the climate and seasonal changes. Don't forget to carry winter garments when you are planning to travel to a destination which is known for chilling weather and try to swimsuits when you are going to a sea beach.

Keep the luggage lighter

Yes, last but not least is the point that always helps in making the travel convenient and stress-free. Try to keep the luggage lighter when traveling to any place. Heavyweight luggage is not only difficult to carry but also restricted in flights. Keeping the luggage lighter is the best way of moving around the destinations you dreamt of. It keeps you confident and relaxed about the overall expedition.

So, always keep these above things in mind to manage your hard time while traveling to unknown places. Every small thing on the list makes a big difference in your travel plan. 

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