Create Lifelong Friendship With Your Better Half

Create Lifelong Friendship With Your Better Half


It is believed that with the inception of marriages that include new bonds, promises, there starts a new beginning. You can also call it the most beautiful phase of your life. The concept of honeymoon is honestly a great invention. What is a better way to connect than with the freshness of nature around you? To bond with your someone special with the most alluring vibes of blissful destinations is the best way to begin your new turn of life. You must always begin things on a happy note. That explains the idea of spending honeymoon in heavenly destinations. The reason is natural. In places that display love in all forms like magnificent views, breath taking clear skies and everything beautiful, you are effortlessly going to experience nothing but happiness and the aura of warmth. Nevertheless, it not only brings your closer to you partner but travel is the best way to identify the interests of each other away from the normal routine life. The Shillong honeymoon tour package understands the value of new bonds and is accurately designed for you to explore all the shades of love.

The perfect honeymoon itinerary to Shillong

Are you newly married or do you have an upcoming wedding? Do you have a honeymoon destination in mind? Or do you want to suggest some peer or family for a post-wedding place for a heavenly honeymoon? There are many beautiful places on this astonishing land but with the couples getting more and more experimentative, they are inclined to try new things on their honeymoon with their loved one. Therefore, Shillong is one of the best destinations for a unique and out of the box experience. Book the best of Shillong honeymoon tour package and get ready for an unforgettable trip post wedding.

What is in the Shillong honeymoon box?

The captivating beauty of the capital of abode of clouds, Shillong boasts of the some of the best romantic as well as serene places for you and your partner to sit and contemplate the eternal love.

Romantic places of Shillong

Stand by the Umiam Lake to feel the cool breeze of the 12 km serene lake. You can also enjoy the houseboat ride amid the clean and soothing lake. There are other spots like Wards Lake, Elephant Falls, Laitlum Canyons for the best romantic experiences. You can also shop in the police bazaar.

Cultural places of Shillong

For the couples who love culture, Shillong has a lot for you in the box. Places like Mawjymbuin Caves, Shillong Peak and Don Bosco centre for indigenous culture are some of the sites that reflect heritage.

Adventurous trip in Shillong

The Shillong honeymoon tour package also has dedicated itineraries for the thrill-lovers and want to explore adventures. The various activities like river canyoning, golf, archery trekking etc.

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