Explore the World's Largest and Smallest River Island at the Same Time

Explore the World's Largest and Smallest River Island at the Same Time


How lucky can someone be to witness and explore two wonders at the same time? Did you know the world’s largest and smallest river island are both located on the mighty Brahmaputra river near Jorhat in Assam? You can easily book trips to both the places. The best way is to book with best travel agents in Guwahati for a greater experience as they not only bring out the best of destinations but also assist you for a great travelling experience.

In this blog, you will go through a glimpse of the two beautiful river islands. This virtual tour might inspire you to reserve Assam as your next travel destination.

Introducing the world’s smallest river island- Umananda Island

Umananda River Island, located in the central area of Brahmaputra river might be the smallest in the world, yet has so much beauty and worthy-sightseeing places to see. This whole island is a treat itself. Not only this, it is also one of the best religious sites of Guwahati. There are many mythological stories related to it. The shape of the island is like a peacock’s feather; therefore, it is also referred as Peacock Island.

Things to do in Umananda Island

From staying close with nature, wildlife spotting and pilgrim visit, there are literally so many activities you do and cherish here.

  • Spot the rare and endangered species of Golden Langur. They are only found in very few destinations and Umananda Island is one of them.
  • Umananda Temple is one of the main highlights of this eco-friendly and attractive island. The age-old temples behold many spiritual beliefs.
  • Enjoy wildlife safari and jungle back safaris in the forested island of peace.
  • Many soulful adventures and a green escape to bring out the best of travel experience.

Introducing world’s largest river Island- Majuli Islands

An example of an ornamental illustration of natural beauty, Majuli Island is not only the largest river island of the world, but also one of the best places for ultimate peaceful getaway in India. If you want to experience days free from the busy hustle of the city, then Majuli Island is the most authentic ad charming option for you.

Things to do in Majuli Island

  • Explore the Shri Shri Dakhinpat Satra and absorb the positive vibe of the natural beauty around it.
  • Bond with nature and connect with the calmness of the effortlessly beautiful villages of Majuli
  • Capture the mesmerizing sunsets and soak into its compelling views.
  • Enjoy a countryside excursion at the picturesque Pathorichuk village

Every destination inspires you, be it small or big. Take the tours with the best travel agents in Guwahati. Visit the magical places an learn more about the never ending beauty of the river islands of Assam.


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