Main Highlights of The Seven Sisters

Main Highlights of The Seven Sisters


Talking about North-eastern India, one can only remember to mention the magical wonders of the nature, swinging of the wide range of trees in the breezing noises of the wind, awe-inspiring views of the natural landscape and best cultural sites and architectural structures that remind you of age-old traditions & culture. The North east is made up of seven heavenly states and the newly added Sikkim. The seven states are the best examples of love, purity and bliss in the form of tourist attractions and endless beauty. They are known as seven sisters. Take the Northeast tour and please your soul towards a journey of happiness. Book with the best travel agents in north east.

Highlights of the seven sisters- Places you must not miss in your Northeast trip

It would not be fair to mention just a few because everything about the places are worth taking it a visit. To enjoy and extract most of these magical destinations, the best way is to take a tour with one of the best travel agents in north east. Let us take a virtual tour to the most astonishing places to visit in these magnificent states ofNorth-eastern.

Arunachal Pradesh

The land of the first sun and a beautiful paradise for all the nature and adventure lovers. It boasts of the highest monastery, and the you can witness the first sunrise of India here. There are many things to do here but you must miss the stunning trail of Sela Pass. It is a great stop to sit and sonder by the amazing views of the snow glaciers.


It is a state of vibrant cultures reflecting the best of traditions. It has some of the best sites for tourist attractions. The main highlights of Assamese state are the Kaziranga National Park which is quite popular for one-horned rhinoceros, its festivals like Bihu. It also has the world largest and smallest river island.


The cloudy heaven boasts of the highest rainfall and Asia’s cleanest village. Explore the adventure trails and unfold the best shades of tourism in the evergreen aura of the hills of Meghalaya. The main attractions are Living Root Bridge, Mawlynlong, and the various caves for thrilling exploration.


The state of variant cultures and an offbeat trail for exploring nature, Manipur is the best option of you are looking for an untouched beauty. The Loktak Lake is a must visit for its serene views.


A place of spectacular views and beautiful sites. You must visit Mizoram if you love adventure and culture. Go for the mountain biking in Hmuifang.


Witness the wide range of the energetic tribal culture full of spirit. Go to the enthralling points of the Japfu Peak and the Dzukou Valley.


The best for witnessing the ancient and a royal India. Explore the city filled with palaces and exotic architecture.

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