Shillong Honeymoon Tour For The Power Couple

Shillong Honeymoon Tour For The Power Couple


For all the couples who love adventure, Shillong is the best place for seeking a thrilling experience amid the calming essence of nature. Grow your bonds in between the countless number of fun activities waiting for you and your loved one. You can avail the Shillong honeymoon tour package by a good travel agent in your region and experience a planned adventure with your favourite person.

Why should you plan your honeymoon in Shillong?

The “Scotland of the East”- Shillong offers a place of blooming love with its wonderful spots. Apart from the natural beauty and pristine environment, Shillong has exciting spaces for exotic adventures. Embrace your love and spice up the relation along with making unforgettable memories at honeymoon.

Adventures in Shillong

Take advantage of the Shillong honeymoon tour package and explore the wide range of adventure activities that accomplishes the idea of soul-thrill.

Water Sports

Umiam Lake is a popular destination for water sports in Shillong. This 12 km long lake boasts various water sports for you and your soul mate. The several activities you do could are Skiing, Yachting, River Bus, High-Speed Boat Ride, Cruising Boat Ride, Scooter Ride, and Pedal Boat at affordable prices.


Walking side by side is the oath you must have given to your spouse. Discover the beauty of the promises in long treks of Shillong. Complete trekking trails with your partner, to feel the bond growing with every step together. Some interesting trekking trails you could go in Shillong are Living Root Bridge, Kyllang Rock, David Scott Trail, Sohpet-bneng. These trails allow you to witness the natural beauty along with beautiful waterfalls and rivers on the way.

Explore the caves

Hold hands and discover the wonders of nature and its components. There are very popular and adventure-filled caves in Shillong that you would love to discover with your loved one. The famous Mawjymbuin Caves, Mawsmai caves bring out the inner curiosity within and connect you with the old beliefs and findings of this place.

Go Golfing with your one and only

Shillong boasts of an extremely popular and classic golf course. Built back in the British days, you will get a feeling of vintage love when you play gold with your partner. Capture these treasures in the form of pictures with your partner. The Shillong Golf course is a scenic beauty and once in a lifetime experience.

Canyoning around Sohra

The challenging and fun activity in the river Sohra will take your adventure honeymoon to next level. It involves trekking, swimming and other canyoning activities.

Create endless laughter and moments to cherish at the end of your honeymoon. Take the Shillong honeymoon tour package filled with adventures. Afterall, love begins with an adventure.

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