Trip to Sunderbans- Best Travel Agents in Siliguri

Trip to Sunderbans- Best Travel Agents in Siliguri


Sundarbans National Park holds some of the pristine and breathtaking beauties of this world. The green paradise boasts of some worthy sightseeing views. From the endless-stretched biosphere to extraordinary wildlife spotting, UNESCO lists Sundarbans as the World Heritage Site. Not only this, the Sundarbans getaway has so many surprises to offer you. You already know that it is the leading mangrove forest in the world. In addition, it is home to the largest population of “Royal Bengal Tigers”. The enchanting feeling amid the quiet bushes while lurking through the greenery is the most serene feeling of this world. Whether you are a nature lover or not, you are ought to fall in love with the eco-friendly vibe out there. Travelling to Sunderbans is even more convenient with the best travel agents in Siliguri. The special tour packages designed covers all the beauty and elegance of the place.

Things to do in Sunderbans

With awe-inspiring flora and fauna, the calming atmosphere filled with clear waters, rivers and royal wildlife, there are many countless things to and see in Sunderbans National Park.

The jungle trek to remember

Get on your shoes and be ready to go on the best jungle safari. The long jungle surfing is about a 10km distance from Kochikali to Kotka. However, the endless Mangrove trees through the jungle trek and opening up to the Jamtola beach is worth every mile you take. It is advised to travel with tour operators as they have local knowledge of the place. Book your trips with the best travel agents in Siliguri.

The exclusive wildlife spotting

Apart from more than 30, 000 Royal Bengal Tigers, Sunderbans is home many beautiful species of wildlife. Starting from deer, monkeys, crocodiles and even dolphins, this place is a paradise for wildlife photographers. The Kotka Wildlife Sanctuary is the most popular in Sunderbans.

Live in a houseboat

The complete area shares itself between India and Bangladesh and as you can enjoy the complete sightseeing in quiet and smooth sailing houseboat on the Ganges Delta. You can experience the joy of living in a houseboat and stare at the night sky amid the tall the trees. You can only imagine the divinity of that moment.

The rowboat ride

The beauty of Sunderbans is ineffable. The slow rowboat ride into the canals in between the forests is something you would never miss. Sit back quietly and discover the animals actively visible along the clean waters quenching their thirst. Do not forget to carry your best cameras.

The sightseeing does not stop here. Explore the unexplored lanes and dig into the wonders of nature. Create your kind of travel stories and staying close to nature is the best way. Book with the best travel agents in Siliguri for soulful experience.

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