Arunachal Pradesh With Paradise Unexplored

Arunachal Pradesh With Paradise Unexplored

Arunachal Pradesh Travel Guide

Arunachal Pradesh is an adventurous gem lying in northeast India. It shares a long international border with China, Bhutan, and Burma (Myanmar). The prettiest formation of flora and fauna, lofty snow-captured mountains, lucid rivers, burbling waterfalls, astonishing lakes, remarkable monasteries, and unexplored lakes is fascinating. Your travel guide in Arunachal Pradesh to get you into the best-ever serene and thrilling experiences.

Capital: Itanagar.

Climate: Tundra/Alpine, humid, subtropical.

Best Time to visit Arunachal Pradesh: It's October to April.

Why Arunachal PradeshIs An Incredible Attraction?

No matter how much we praise the natural beauty that Arunachal Pradesh attains. It’s not enough. This north-eastern state is home to over five hundred extraordinary species of orchids, such as Dendrobium, Cymbidium, Vanda Coerulea, Sita-Pushpa.

Some incredible lakes nestlein the state including Sungester Lake, Glow Lake, Teng Tso Lake, Mesho Lake, etc. Lake visit is one of the main attractions in the region.Stunning mountain ranges positioned here cannot be missed out any which way. The mind-bogging mountain vistas in Arunachal Pradesh you cannot miss either.

The abundance of numerous mountain peaks it offers accelerates tourist arrival, including - Kangto Massif, Gorichen Peak, Komdi Mountain, Hunli, Geshila Peak, et al. On the other hand, it has a great range of mountain passes, such as Sela Pass, Bumla Pass, Pangsau Pass.

When it comes it acing outdoor activities, Arunachal Pradesh outshines. Taking part in adventurous practices is a passion for many. Enjoy trekking, hiking, river rafting, fishing, angling, bird watching, motorbike expedition, and further.

Culture and Art

The cultural variations form as Arunachal Pradesh involves 26 different tribes and some sub-tribes. Each tribe follows its own traditional values, bringing distinctiveness in its true sense. The most significant tribes you see here comprise Adi, Aka, Monpas, Bori, Galo, Tagins, Nyishi, etc.

Some tribes worship Sun and Moon God. In other instances, there are Vaishnavism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Theravada Buddhism. Diving into its traditional craftmanship is worth applauding. From weaving, basketry, handlooms, handicrafts, wood carving, pottery to ornament making, the natives possess exclusive artisanship.

Festivals and Foods

Because of an array of tribes residing in Arunachal Pradesh, you get to see spreads of festivals and celebrations. Through wide-ranging festivals, the state shows its cultural richness, entailing agricultural, socio-cultural, and religious festivals. It encompass – the Ziro Festival of Music, Pangsau Pass Winter Festival, Nyokum, Siang River Festival, Loku, Dree Festival, etc. Festive dances, dance dramas, ritual dances, and folk music are also popular.

Tribal communities influence the local cuisines. Cuisine patterns differ from tribe to tribe. The most prominent dishes in Arunachal Pradesh offer Rice/Pulihora, Chura Sabji, Pika Pila, Koat Pitha, Lukter, Bamboo Shoot, Pehak, Apong, Thupka, Momos, and so on. Explore the best of the best tour packages for the Arunachal Pradesh trip.

To reach Arunachal Pradesh, let it be by air, road, or train. Since the state is well-connected with major cities like Kolkata, Delhi, or Mumbai by road, train, and air, it offers ease of transportation. Lilabari Airport in Assam is the nearest Airport to approach Itanagar from, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. Speak to your tour guide for optimum accommodation and trip setups.


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