Mizoram With Paradise Unexplored

Mizoram With Paradise Unexplored

Mizoram Travel Guide

Settled in the southernmost part of northeast India, Mizoram involves dramatic landscapes praised by tourists worldwide. The evergreen flora and fauna, dynamic hills, gushing rivers, and lofty waterfalls lying in the state are excellent for exploration. From adventurous practices to honeymoon purposes, this destination offers an endless supply of pleasurable experiences. Go ahead and have your pick from a wide range of packages for the Mizoram trip.

Capital: Aizawl.

Climate: Moderate.

Best Time to Visit Mizoram: It’s October to March.

Why Explore Mizoram?

Seeking reasons gets you the answers. Mizoram, surrounded by Assam, Manipur, Tripura, Myanmar, and Bangladesh, reflects a great geographical diversity. Adorned by scenic places, folk dances,festivals, lush greenery, exclusive lakes, sparkling rivers, and a pleasant climate, this region provides jaw-dropping delights all through.

The land reflects the brilliance of waterfalls. Some wondrous waterfalls sit in Mizoram - Vantawng Falls, The KhawhPawp Waterfall, and Tuirihiau Falls. Plan your trip with one of the best tour guides in India/Mizoram for the utmost trip enjoyment. The tranquillity and thrills exuded by the region ensure among the best nature retreats.

Catch Sight Of Mizoram Tour - The Land Of Blue Mountains

One of the seven sister states in northeast India, Mizoram has its own distinctiveness blessed with natural settings in and around. Woven into the beauty of waterfalls, deep valleys, scenic villages, meandering streams, and mountain ranges, this spot is the choicest destination for adventure, rural and cultural tourism.

Aizawl, the capital of the state, is well-connected through direct flights from major cities in India like Delhi, Kolkata, and Guwahati. To approach Mizoram by road, options entail buses and railways to reach Aizawl from Guwahati. In Mizoram, transportation networks involve local trains, metro, cabs, local buses, etc. Let your tour guide arrange seamless transportation and stay in Mizoram.

For nature lovers, Mizoram is a treasure chest. Plus, Mizo people are loving and friendly. Therefore, exploring this destination seems to be a remarkable one. Being one of the fast-evolving tourist places in India, this northeast region takes in a good number of accommodations at all-inclusive rates. Accommodations here you can avail of in prime locations.

Foods and Festivals

Aptly said, "Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate". Fulfill your destination exploration with traditional foods coated with delicacy and love. Mizo cuisine varieties bring - Bai, Chhum Han, Bamboo Shoot Fry, Koat Pitha, Sanpiau, Bekang, Panch Phoran Tarka, Misa Mach Poora, et al. to your plate.

Festivals are universal! Mizo festivals engage significance as other festivals do. Chapchar Kut Festival, MimKut Festival, KhuadoKut Festival, Pawl Kut Festival, and Thalfavang Kut Festivals, celebrated in Mizoram, lets you dive into its essence and fun.

Cultural and Traditional Practices

The region retains cultural and traditional specialties. Natives called Mizo people strive their best to keep their cultural legacy firm. They’re very welcoming with regard to modernization. They enjoy folk music and dance. And their commitment to staying humble, kind, and generous to different communities living here is praise-worthy.

Handicrafts of Mizoram are all famous, crafting products like - textiles, baskets, bamboo-made hats, utensils, flower vases, stone-carving, wood carving, can work, shawls, etc. Such promising productions benefit the Industrial Market of the state to the utmost. And the quintessential tradition and way of living of the Mizo people are versatile.

The growing number of tourist engagement in the state increases the destination ranking in Indian Tourism Industry. Choose your holiday tour package to make the most of the attractions here, like Aizawl, Mamit, Vantawng Waterfalls, Tamdil Lake, Saiha, Dampa Tiger Reserve, Lunglei, Kolasib, Murlen National Park, and further. Speak to your tour guide and get an A1 Mizoram trip.


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