Nagaland With Paradise Unexplored

Nagaland With Paradise Unexplored

Nagaland Exploration - An Exotic Exploration Indeed

Each northeast state in India stands out uniquely. The only similarity these states have is they all are incredible. Sitting pictorially in northeastern India, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, and Myanmar border Nagaland to the north, west, northwest, south, and east respectively. Kohima is the capital of the state involves historical significance.

In Kohima occurred one of the gruelling battles of World War II. Warrior Naga communities helped finish off the Japanese army in British India. Besides historical implications, Kohima is home to some excellent attractions - Kisama Heritage Village, Kohima Museum, Catholic Church, Shilloi Lake, Japfu Peak, Pulie Badze, Dzukou Valley, Dzulekie, Kohima Botanical Garden, etc.

Situated near the Assam border with Nagaland, Dimapur is the largest city in the state. This city is the main doorway to Nagaland. Regarding transportation, you can enjoy it by air, by road or by rail. Due to Dimapur connecting the major Indian cities like Guwahati, Kolkata, you can take a flight to reach here.

The distance from Dimapur Airport to Nagaland includes 75 km approx. By road, you can go by bus to reach Guwahati. Then, you have to rent a taxi/car to approach your destination. Here Dimapur rail station links itself well to Kolkata and Guwahati.

Nagaland Tradition and Cuisine

The culture of the natives is of the warrior background. Their consumes are very different, involving - shawls, conical red headgear with Hornbill feathers, necklaces, pendants, bands, skirts, bangles, et al. Dress codes differ from tribe to tribe or social status.

Handicrafts made using bamboo, cane, wood carving, and weaving are extraordinary. They’re excellent at basketry, pottery, jewellery making, beadwork, and metalwork. In reference to Nagaland cuisine, you can try out Bamboo shoots, Axone, fermented dry fish, Aikibeye, Zutho, and Black sticky rice pudding. There’s also the availability of different types of non-veg food items.

From planning to execution, your tour guide is always by your side. Tour Nagaland at budget-friendly price rates offered by your travel agency. All-inclusive hotels in prime locations in the state ensure a seamless stay. Attain comfortable accommodations, hassle-free transportation, and pleasurable trip experiences.


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