Tripura With Paradise Unexplored

Tripura With Paradise Unexplored

Tripura Travel Guide

Tripura lies in the north-eastern part of the Indian subcontinent and is a hotspot for some exquisite destinations. The state involves borders with Assam to the northeast, Bangladesh to the north, south, and west, and Mizoram to the east. Explore Tripura through its rich culture, sites, and cuisines.

Capital: Agartala.

Climate: Tropical Savanna with Seasonal Heavy Rainfall.

Best Time to Visit Tripura: It’s October to March.

Why Visit Tripura?

Northeast Indian states arepopular for servingastounding tour experiences. And Tripura is no exception here. Covered by an abundance of lush green valleys, evergreen forest ranges, and incredible rolling mountain ranges, this northeast state provides an exceptional tour.

Its heritage sites, diverse culture, handicrafts, well-rounded tea estates, lakes, outdoor activities, sightseeing, archaeological sites, palaces, and wildlife stand out the state to be the choicest tourist spot.

Tripura - A Brew of Culture, Heritage, Natural beauty

A manifold of travel experiences in Tripura has always been the reason for its immovable tourist attention. Luxuriant greenery upon arrival is sure to capture your sight. The cultural richness of the state one can see through its heritage sites like Ujjayanta Palace lying in Agartala.

On the other hand, the flushing meadows and ancient temples occupy a special place in our hearts. Moving forward, there you explore brilliant Buddhist Stupas, palaces, temples, mosques, and traditional handicrafts in sites like Agartala, Udaipur, Melaghar. Have an optimum tour package for Tripura ensured by your tour guide.

Nature and adventure tourism are widely experienced here in Tripura. Endowed with exciting scopes for things to do in Tripura, it offers several engaging activities, such as boating, relishing local cuisine, taking a religious tour, trekking, and enjoying the grand orange festival.

The ecstatic beauty of nature can be observed fully at Jampui Hill, Dumboor Lake, Domboor Lake, Sanaiya Waterfalls, Chabimura, and Amarpura. This splendid spot is perfect for planning a tour with family, friends, or groups. Or, be it a romantic trip, honeymoon destination, or solo.

Historical and Heritage Sites

Graced with a comprehensive range of heritage sites, Tripura suggests a visit to - Ujjayanta Palace in Agartala, Neermahal Water Palace in Melaghar, Bhubaneshwari Temple in Udaipur, Unakoti in Kailashahar, Kunjaban Palace in Agartala, etc. Talk to the expert team of tour guides in India and plan your customized Tripura trip.

Art and Craft Products

Bamboo crafts and cane work are the most famous in Tripura. The ethnic groups are great with making floor mats, decorated wall panels, room dividers, cane furniture, table mats, lamps, silver jewellery, handloom, bags, hats, hand fans, et al.

Popular Fairs and Festivals

Tripura witnesses and celebrates some important and vibrant festivals and fairs, comprising -Garia Puja, Diwali Mela, Poush Sankranti/Tirthamukh Mela, NeermahalWater Festival, Asokastami Festival, Kharchi festival, Pilak festival, etc.

Tastes of Traditional Foods

Tripura never leaves you unimpressed with its traditional food ranges, covering - Mosdeng Serma, Rice Beer, Chuak, Mui Borok, KoisoiBwtwi, PodaPitha, Sobai Gudok, etc. Enjoy the staple foods of the state.

Ways to Reach Tripura

Be it by air, road, or train at your convenience to reach Tripura. Connected with Guwahati via Shillong Highway No. 44 takes you to Agartala. Flight is the fastest way to enter the state. The Agartala Airport connects itself with Guwahati and Kolkata through direct flights. Kumarghat station and Dharmanagar railway stations are the major railway networks to approach Tripura by train.

Your travel agent looks after all types of travel and tourism-related matter. So,your trip remains unmatched, pleasurable, and secure. Feel free to customize your trip plan as per your requirements and budget goals. Amazing tour packages at cost-effective prices take good care of your budget. Find an expert helping hand that lets you ace your Tripura trip.


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