Himachal Pradesh With Paradise Unexplored

Himachal Pradesh With Paradise Unexplored

Himachal Pradesh Travel Guide

Himachal Pradesh belongs to northernmost India in the western Himalayas. This region is a treasure trove of a gorgeous backdrop, surroundings, and adventure activities. Colonial-designed buildings, walking experiences amidst the pine-oak forests, religious sites, and Himalayan landscape are absolutely heart-pleasing.

Capital: Shimla is the Summer Capital, and Dharamshalais the winter capital.

Climate: Varies with Altitude.

Best Time to Visit: It’s February-June.

Why Visit Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal Pradesh appears to be the snowy heaven in the winter season. Spreads to greenery with spectacular mountain ranges forming the backdrop are matchless. The tiny hamlets offer their mountain air, scenic views, snow-covered mountains, pristine lakes, ancient paintings, wooden/slate-roof houses, and warm hospitality of locals are matchless too.

The state is home to serene lakes and wondrous wildlife creatures. For nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and photographers, this region is heaven on earth. Adventure sports in Himachal Pradesh are exclusively popular. From river rafting in Kullu, and Chamba, rock climbing in Kullu, paragliding in Kullu, and Kangra, ice skating in Kinnaur, Shimla, to snow skiing in Kulu, Shimal, and Kinnar, it ensures wide-ranging outdoor fun.

The ’Devbhoomi’ Himachal Pradesh means the region of God and Goddess. The sites of pilgrimage throughout the region include Jwala Devi, Hidimba Devi, Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara, Bijli Mahadev, Naina Devi, Jakhu temple, Sankat Mochan, etc. Sacred sites are one of the reasons for fast-evolving tourism in the state.

A Visit To Versatile Himachal Pradesh

Touching the borders of Union territories of Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir to the north, Uttarakhand to the southeast, Punjab to the west, and Uttar Pradesh to the south, Himachal Pradesh features extreme mountain peaks, thrilling river streams, and colour-bounded lakes. The ageless beauty the region holds has always been jaw-dropping.

This pictorial destination is one of the most easily-accessible hill stations in the country. It keeps optimal transportation that can be approached by air, rail, and road. You can take a flight from Delhi to reach your respective destination in the state. However, most flights are limited to Delhi. So, you need to reach this place first.

By rail, you might need to reach New Delhi. Then, via train, bus, or private car, you can reach your destination. Pathankot is a broad-gauge train network that links Himachal Pradesh. And Kalka is another broad-gauge railway station that leads you to Shimla. The road journey is friendly if you approach the state from Kalka, Chandigarh, or Pathankot.

Interstate buses are available from Delhi, Jaipur, and other neighbouring cities of India. Good public transport services and cab/taxi services make your interstate traveling seamless. Rest on your tour operator for comfortable transportation.

Popular Festivals

Himachal Pradesh celebrates a good many festivals sure to fill your heart with delightful experiences. Each state spreads its happiness through culture, festivals, and fairs. From religious festivals to famous fairs, here are what you expect – Mandi Shivratri Fair, Spring Festival, Phulaich Festival, Losar Festivals, Doongri Festival, Sazo Festivals, Pori Festival, Himcahl Winter Carnival, Kullu Dussehra, Sair Festival, Halda festival, etc.

Culinary Style

The cultural diversity of the state influences its cuisine style. Access to delicious traditional and local foods of Himachal excite your tastebuds, involving - Dham, Babru, Madra, Kullu Trout Fish, Tudkiya Bhath, Chha Gosht, Bhey, Mithha, Siddu, Aktori, Kaale Channe Ka Khatta, and further. Ethnic beverages are also popular here chhaang, akak, angoori, chulli, lugdi, etc.

Right from exceptional scenarios to food range to local/regional festivals, to thrilling outdoor activities, to Pahari shopping, Himachal Pradesh promotes all-in-one tours. Choose a Himachal tour package at an affordable price range. Be it a weekend exploration or a prolonged holiday, whatever seems purposeful.


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