Jammu and Kashmir With Paradise Unexplored

Jammu and Kashmir With Paradise Unexplored

A Visit To Jammu And Kashmir - Unbelievably Beautiful

Bounded by Ladakh to the east, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to the south, Pakistan to the southwest, and Pakistani administered portion of Kashmir to the northwest, J&K engages a territory of about 42,241 sq. km. with the highest elevation of 7,135 meters. This region appears to be a good-fit destination for all kinds of travelers.

Hailed worldwide for the picturesque settlement in the Great Himalayas, J&K is an absolute travel destination. Once the region used to be a princely state during 1846-1934. When Kashmir Valley encompasses ten districts, the region of Jammu consists of ten districts also. These destinations are ideal for a nature retreat.

Besides the exuberance of lakes and valleys in the region, Wildlife sanctuaries are worth exploring. The wildlife tour involves – Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary near Srinagar, Hokersar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kashmir, Lachipora Wildlife Sanctuary near Lachipora, Kashmir, Achabal Wildlife Sanctuary in Kashmir, Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary in Kashmir, SurinsarMansar Wildlife Sanctuary, Overa-Aru Wildlife Sanctuary near Pahalgam, and further.

How to Reach Jammu and Kashmir?

Settled in the backdrop of Pir Panjal ranges, J&K can be approached by air, road, and rail. Via NH1-A passes, Srinagar connects with Jammu. National Highway 1 and NH44 link Kashmir to major Indian cities. By rail, you can have to reach Jammu Tawi Railway Station nearest to Srinagar.

Several trains approach Delhi from Jammu Tawi Railway Station, connecting major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Trivandrum, Amritsar, Kolkata, et al. Srinagar Airport operates daily flights to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Jammu, Bangalore, et al. Satwari Airport in Jammu offers good transport services on a regular basis.

Festivals and Foods of J&K

The most-celebrated festivals in Jammu and Kashmir include Eid il Fitr, Eid ulAdha, Baisakhi, Shikara Festival, Gurez Festival, Lohri, Tulip Festival, Hemis Festival, GaldanNamchot, Losar, SpitukGustor Zanskar, Sindhu Darshan Festival, Ladakh Festival, Dosmoche, MathoNagrang, etc. If you’re into enjoying one, visit during the time of celebration. You can get tour guide assistance at your convenience.

Relishing the food of J&K doubles your trip fun. When you’re in J&K, don't miss – Modur Pulao, Dum Olav, Kahwa, LyaderTschaman, Kashmiri Baingan, Kashmiri, Momos, Thupka, Khambir, Butter Tea, Thenthuk, Nadir Monji, Sheermal, Shab Deg, Rogan Josh, and more. Savour the goodness of Kashmiri food variety. Make your choice for a Jammu and Kashmir tour at an affordable price range. Happy exploring!


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