Goa With Paradise Unexplored

Goa With Paradise Unexplored

Off To Goa - A Phenomenal Beach Destination

The state falls on the western coast of the Indian peninsula within the Konkan coastal belt. Maharashtra bounds it to the north, when Karnataka bounds the region to the east and south. With the Arabian sea dominating its coast to the west, Goa is among the best spot to relax and luxuriate in the country.

By its geographical status, Goa is India’s smallest state. But the attractions and activities it offers are immense. The thoughts of the Goa trip often involve wild parties, sunbathing, drinking coconut water, beer indulgence, or cheap alcohol. Surprisingly, Goa holds way more than these. The serenity experienced in the place is a lesser-known fact.

Both North Goa and South Goa ensure tropical weather and pleasant enjoyment. When North Goa gives you more thrilling and exciting vibes, South Goa retains the soothing delights. Do budget-friendly shopping at North Goa, offering clothes, jewellery, bed covers, trinkets, souvenirs, etc.

Local and Classic Dishes

Delicious foods are ready to soothe your tastebuds at Goa. Experience the food of Goa, presenting - Shark Ambot Tik, Sorak, Prawns XequeXeque, crab xacuti, Fish Recheado, Sannas, Goan Fish curry, Patolea, Bebinca, Rissois, Forminhas, Vonn, et al. Relish the confluence of Indian and Portuguese cuisines.

How to Reach Goa?

Reaching Goa is tension-free. Since it’s a popular tourist destination, the region has unwinding modes of transportation. You can approach it by air, rail, or road. While road/rail trips can be time-consuming based on distance, flights are more convenient. Talk to your travel agency for flight ticketing at affordable rates.

From cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kochi, or Chennai, take a flight to approach the destination. Early ticket booking is the best way to get cheap rates. Avail of regular trains from Delhi. Or you can go on break journeys. The fastest way to reach Goa by road includes NH 4 via Mumbai.

In Goa, vast transposition choices include buses, boats, autorickshaws, and motorcycles. Step by step, all-inclusive planning receive from your tour operator.Arrange accommodation in prime locations, ease of transportation, and overall, a cost-effective tour. Choose an affordable tour package for your next destination, Goa.


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