Pelling is a small town in the northeastern Indian state of Sikkim, at the foothills of Mount Kanchenjunga. The late-17th-century Buddhist Sanga Choling Monastery has mountain views. Pemayangtse Monastery features wall paintings, sculptures and a gold-plated statue of Guru Padsambhava. Overlooking a valley, the 17th-century Rabdentse Palace, now in ruins, still has evidence of the king's bedroom and kitchen.

Elevation : 2, 150 m


Yuksom is a historical town in Geyzing subdivision of West Sikkim district in the Northeast Indian state of Sikkim. It was the first capital of Sikkim established in 1642 AD by Phuntsog Namgyal who was the first Chogyal of Sikkim. Yuksom A Land- where heaven touches the earth, the ambience creators mystery, landscape dominated by elements, silence can be observed, vision tends to travel beyond the horizon, soul starts meditating-unknowingly, mind gets rejuvenated and a land that makes you bow.

Yuksom is the gateway to Shangri-La lies in the west lies in the west district of Sikkim cradled in the lap of Mt. Khanchendzonga the 3rd highest mountain in the world & revered by the Sikkimese as the guardian deity.

Yuksom literally Means "Three lamas". Historically in the year 1642 AD the first king of Sikkim Phuntsok Namgyal was consecrated here in the very place where the majestic Norbughang Stupa stand today.

Yuksom also serves as the starting point for the more daring adventures to trek to the valley of flowers "Dzongri" at 14,000 ft. & further to Goechala Pass at 17,000 ft

Trek to Khecheopalri Lake

Khecheopalri lake is the first destination on the trekking route from Pelling. The route traverses through villages, cardamom fields and streams. There are Trekker's hut for accommodation and also a dormitory in the monastery. The view of this clean lake is beautiful from all directions. Khechopalri Lake Khecheopalri Tsho is a large lake located 27 kms from Pelling and is a common tourist sightseeing point. The lake is considered to be one of the sacred lakes of Sikkim. The lake remains hidden in the rich forest cover. It is believed that birds do not permit even a single leaf to float on the Khecheopalri lake surface. The sacred lake lies in a depression surrounded by prayer flags and forested hills. By the lakeshore is the small Lepcha village of Tsojo, and about 1.5km above the lake is the Khecheopalri Gompa. Tourists and locals offer prayer at the lake and also feed the pool of fish in the lake.

The place is popular among trekkers. There is also a walking trail from Pelling to Khecheopalri (5 hours). It is possible to trek to Yuksom from Khecheopalri or those interested in spending a night or two in this place, there are a few basic accommodation in the village nearby. There is also a pilgrim's hut meant to provide accommodations to the people who come on pilgrimage tours to Khecheopalri.


  • 1. Sangachoeling Monastery - A Buddhist pilgrimage highlight
  • 2. Darap Village - A paradise with quaint homestays
  • 3. Sewaro Rock Garden - An awesome picnic spot
  • 4. Singshore Bridge - Asia's second highest bridge
  • 5. Rimbi Waterfall - The fall will make you fall in love
  • 6. Kanchenjunga Fall - The milky stream
  • 7. Khecheopalri Lake - Where tranquility and divinity blend
  • 8. Kanchenjunga National Park - One step closer to nature
  • 9. Kaluk - In nature's lap
  • 10. Pemayangtse Monastery - Admiring the Buddhist heritage
  • 11. Rabdentse Ruins - History with a magnificent view
  • 12. Tashiding Monastery - A Buddhist pilgrimage
  • 13. Yuksom - Home to clean and calm lakes
  • 14. Changey Waterfall - Bliss amidst the hills

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