5 Things to Experience on a Shillong Trip

5 Things to Experience on a Shillong Trip


Shillong is known to every nature lover and if you are not aware of this place then you are lacking behind the reality of this amazing place. Visiting Shillong can be the best thing you can gift yourself this weekend. Shillong is a popular destination even before independence and the British loved this hill station for its pleasant weather and greenery. They named the place as ‘Scotland of the East’. Novel literate, Rabindranath Tagore visited this many times and come up with some of his is greatest works like ‘Rakta Karab’i, ‘Shillong er Chiti', and more. You can witness missionaries, church, market, and most importantly the scenic view of this hill station that attracts a huge number of tourists every year. You can experience some of the best times of your life by traveling to this hill station that offers so much.

Things to Experience on a Shillong Trip

Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake or Bara Pani is a manmade lake constructed by the government in the year 1960 as a part of a hydroelectricity project over the river. This lake looks amazing during sunset and gives you a chance of getting close to nature. The ambiance turns into a golden colour and you spend your time in the solace. Water sports facilities are available in this place along with the boathouse. This experience will remain in your memory for the entire lifetime because sizzling water and sparkling sunshine create magic in this land.

Elephant Falls

One of the most popular tourist places in Shillong is Elephant Fall. It takes a few minutes to reach the place which is located near the centre of the city. You can find this falls on the way to Sohra. Cemented steps help you to go higher and to get amazed by the fascinating view of these falls that welcome tourists for an expedition. Visiting Shillong will remain incomplete without witnessing this amazing waterfall. 

Shillong Peak

This peak is considered as the highest point in Shillong at about 2000 metres. The road towards the peak passes through Air Force Base Station and sometimes due to security reasons you need to wait for checking and other formalities. But once you reach the place, you can experience the breathtaking view of the entire Shillong city. The bird-eye view will make you amazed by the beauty of this hill station where you can find a sore that provides a traditional dress for clicking photographs. Such experience will take to the dream sequences for sure.

Wards Lake

A walk towards the Wards Lake is something that you must experience during your Shillong trip as it offers green lawns and a perfect place to pass on time for children. You can enjoy feeding the ducks and boating or strolling around the lake with your loved one. The picturesque destination is also famous for its shape. You can enjoy the aerial view of this lake from the top which looks like a horseshoe. The best time to visit this lake is during a winter evening. Shillong will become your favorite destination by walking around and spending time near the lake.

Shopping in Police Bazaar and Enjoying Khasi Cuisines

Police bazaar in the heart of the Shillong attracts tourists and considered the most crowded place for shopping. You can find retail outlets here, woolen stuff, bamboo handicrafts sold in the tiny shops that offer you the best experiences. You can also find sweet and juicy oranges in the market at an affordable price. Once you finish shopping, you must experience Khasi cuisines where pork and chicken are the main attraction. Mustered oil, with lots of garam masalas, onion paste, and ginger make the cuisines mouth-watering. Trattoria and Red Rice in Police Bazaar and Jadoh in Laitumkhrah are well-known places to enjoy the cuisine.

These experiences and breathtaking views of Shillong give you all the reason to visit this place one more time and every time you visit this place, you will find nature at its best. People of Shillong are very friendly and cooperative with tourists by making you comfortable at every step. Plan a trip towards Shillong to discover unexplored treasures of northeast India.

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