Travelling can be perfectly executed by choosing tour packages because once you book a package, you will get the chance of accumulating the essential factors to need for a successful trip. Paradise Unexplored is known for conducting tour towards northeast India. The virgin location and mesmerizing scenic view will give all the reasons to stay for a longer time in the region by exploring some of the unique places and amazing culture. The region is diverse but someone tied in a single rope of bonding and we introduce some of the attractive tour packages that include hotel booking, effective transportation, sightseeing tour and meals.

In short, you are getting everything with a single deal with your travel agent and stay focused towards the travel goal instead of getting stressed or worried. Within so many choices, you can start with 'Scotland of the East'. Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya and is known for its picturesque locations, pleasant weather condition and culture. From poets like novel literate Rabindranath Tagore to rockstars like Lou Majaw praises the destination for its awesomeness. Shillong tour packages include popular attractions in the town along with the nearby areas that make you feel delighted genuinely.

Top Places included in Shillong Tour Package


Book exclusive Shillong tour packages

The beautiful place surrounded by pretty escapes and plenty of locations that not only takes you close to nature but also give you a chance to discover the exceptional paradise on earth. Shillong was once the capital of Assam welcome tourists across the globe for amazing experiences. Our package includes sightseeing tour just after the delicious breakfast in the hotel. The tour starts with Shillong peak located a few kilometres from the town. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the town by reaching the top point. The next expedition might start with Laitlum where you can witness deep gorges and majestic hills. Many people enjoy adventure activities over the location. Some more attractions like Kyllang Rock, Nongriat, Nongkhnum, Nohkalikai Falls, Ward Lake, and Elephant falls will justify your travel needs and make you feel excited with breathtaking views.


Book exclusive Cherrapunji Shillong tour packages

The wettest land on earth is surrounded by misty mountains and clouds which in turn give you a heavenly experience. Rain, river, and waterfalls create a tremendous impact over the tourists in Cherrapunji. Our Shillong tour packages include this amazing place where you can witness some of the extraordinary landscapes. Thunderous waterfalls in the region roar with the sound of water and add a shivering experience so that you can enjoy the trip at the fullest. Dainthlen Waterfall, Wakaba Falls, Mawsmai Cave, Mawkdok Dympep Valley, and Thangkharang Park are the special attractions of the region. It is better to visit this place during monsoon to experience the waterfalls at their best. Winter is also a preferable time for a romantic tour in Meghalaya. Cherrapunji also gives you the chance to visit Mawsynram village that experiences rain throughout the year.

Mawlynnong & Dawki

Dawki tour packages

We designed our Shillong tour packages with these two beautiful places to make you feel the greatness of Mother Nature. Both the places are known for their attractions and scenic views. Mawlynnong is the cleanest village in Asia and offers some of the popular tourist spots like Living Root Bridge, skywalk viewpoint, 100-year-old Church Of Epiphany, Balancing Rock, Rymben Falls, and Byrdaw Falls. You feel so special by exploring the cleanest village on earth along with the local cuisines. On the other hand, Dawki is known for Umngot River or Dawki River which is famous for the crystal clear water. You can enjoy the road ride over the river and visualize the inside of the river very clearly. Winter is the best time to visit this place where you can also witness the view of the neighbouring country, Bangladesh and more hidden gems like the town of Shnongpdeng.

Paradise Unexplored can help you to bridge the gap between your wishes and final expedition by effective management and proper guidance to accomplish a successful tour. Book attractive Shillong tour packages to explore the beauty of the northeast by saving your money and valuable time. This is the time to discover the new shades of India and make your life more exciting.

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