Be My Guest: The Original Shillong Travel Experience

Be My Guest: The Original Shillong Travel Experience


The Scotland of the East is really nature's finest creation ever, once the visitor's steps into this promised land the feeling of staying there forever emerges for sure. You would find many destinations to admire and explore during the holidays or vacation but Shillong is like a once in a lifetime. Place all your travelling dreams on Shillong tour packages because it's a destination that has all types of theme tours for you and the cultural tour is one of the most loved trips by the travellers. Expect the elegant culture of the local tribes and allure your feeling with enormous excitement and joy.

Witness The Greatest Cultural Aspects of Shillong

The capital of Meghalaya has a lot more to highlight and here you'll witness the culture and tradition which are followed by the respective community people of Shillong in the most unique way. Shillong is the native soil of Khasi, Garo and Jaintia community people who have huge respect towards the achievement of the ancestors and they still have all those traditional beliefs on ancient rituals which they always wish to continue forever. These tribes have been living for ages in the land of Shillong and among them, Khasi Tribe has the most number of population.

You can take a look at the cultural places of Shillong during the visit but make sure you get there during the festival season too because a large part of Shillong's culture is dependent upon the festivals that the people celebrate each year on different occasions. The festivals bring enormous happiness among the residents of the capital which they share with each other. Some of the eye-catching festivals of Shillong are-

  • Shad Suk Mynsiem
  • Nongkrem Dance Festival
  • Wangala Festival
  • Behdeinkhlam Festival
  • Laho Dance Festival
  • Chad Sukra

Dance is the main part of the festivals and these special occasions are incomplete without the inclusion of traditional costumes, musical instruments and tribal dance. Festivals are there to celebrate and in Shillong, each different festivals has made a special room in the heart of the people which are admired by all the tourists who visit the capital with the goal of experiencing the colourful occasion.

The culture in Shillong is quite big than you think about it whose importance can only be known by you when you make the decision to experience the powerful culture of the Northeastern Scotland with Shillong tour packages. The culture of every area is unique in its own way but it becomes special when it has the majestic history which is available at Shillong.

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