North Bengal with arresting scenarios, leaves tourists bewildered. Eye astonishing greenery dominating the northernmost region of West Bengal attracts tourists worldwide. Dooars, the picturesque alluvial floodplains in eastern-northern India lying outer foothills of the Great Himalayas to the south and Brahmaputra River basin to the north.

With the entire elevation ranging from 90m to 1750 m, Dooars form eighteen gateways between the hill stations of North Bengal and the Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan. The region is absolutely a nature lover's place. From distant mountain vistas, incredible tea gardens, to the richness of flora and fauna, sightseeing in Dooars is splendid.

Holiday packages made for Dooars trips are in a wide range. You can go on a prolonged holiday, such as 5 days/ 4 nights, or 7 days/6 nights. Or, it can be a one-day trip or a short trip like 2 days/1 night. Explore jungle safari, elephant safari, watchtower visit, and nearby sightseeing. The land of Dooars experiences heavy rainfall and long winter, similar to the plains of North Bengal.

Sightseeing in Dooars

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This region spreads over 350 km approx. from the River Teesta in West Bengal to Assam's Dhansiri River. Western Dooars, known as Bengal Dooars, is a place of abundant natural beauty, covering spectacular wildlife attractions. National Parks like Jaldapara and Gorumara leave tourists in awe. Its vivid texture of luxuriant forest makes it an outstanding site to explore in North Bengal. Customize a budget-friendly package for sightseeing in Dooars.

Popular wildlife attractions in Dooars encompass Gorumara National Park, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, Chilapata Forest, Jaldapara National Park, Buxa Tiger, Chukchuki Bird Watching Point, et al. For wildlife enthusiasts and photographers, this destination is no less than a wonderland. With Paradise Unexplored, explore the best of the wilderness of Dooars.

Sightseeing in Dooars

Nothing can be so good as avoiding the Monsoon season to witness the wildlife splendor of the region. The parks remain closed (June 15 to September 15). Winter season is absolutely perfect to unravel the grandeur of Dooars. Set plans with tour advisers who can guide you in the best way attainable.